My best friend Samia (@mialiamani) has been living in Seoul for almost 3 years and is planning to move back to Canada soon. I had to see her one last time before she’s even further away from me, so I went to visit her last weekend.





Friday night, after almost losing my backpack holding my macbook, android phone, LV wallet, money… basically my life, Samia and I went to Dongdaemun and shopped until around 5:30 am. We were pretty delirious by the end, but we both managed to pick up a really nice PU patent skirt and flared sleeve top.


周五晚上,差一点把我人生中最重要的几个东西丢了(macbook, 手机, LV钱包, 钱…基本上我的一切),之后我和Samia一起去了东大门,逛了到大概凌晨5点半。最后我们已经累得不行,不过领了一件很好看的PU光皮半身裙还有一件流行风格的喇叭袖衬衫。



Saturday we woke up early, despite only having napped from our shopping expedition, and made our way to the THENCE showroom to check out their SS/17 collection. We spent the rest of the day exploring cool shops, eating yummy food, and almost getting rioted by the impeached President Park’s supporters while sipping coffee in the usually calm and super cool café, LUFT.



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Picked up this incense by local brand IOMU (@iomu_) that smells amazingggg. I’ve been using it every day since. It isn’t too strong but make my room smell cozy and relaxing. The packaging is perfectly on point as well.


我从当地牌子IOMU(@iomu_) 那买了些特别香的熏香。从我回上海了到现在,我天天都会点亮一根。味道没有很重,刚刚好,会让我感觉很舒服和放松。东西的包装也十分美的。



Already can’t wait until my next visit!!