Style Diary: A day in Seoul

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My best friend Samia (@mialiamani) has been living in Seoul for almost 3 years and is planning to move back to Canada soon. I had to see her one last time before she’s even further away from me, so I went to visit her last weekend.





Friday night, after almost losing my backpack holding my macbook, android phone, LV wallet, money… basically my life, Samia and I went to Dongdaemun and shopped until around 5:30 am. We were pretty delirious by the end, but we both managed to pick up a really nice PU patent skirt and flared sleeve top.


周五晚上,差一点把我人生中最重要的几个东西丢了(macbook, 手机, LV钱包, 钱…基本上我的一切),之后我和Samia一起去了东大门,逛了到大概凌晨5点半。最后我们已经累得不行,不过领了一件很好看的PU光皮半身裙还有一件流行风格的喇叭袖衬衫。



Saturday we woke up early, despite only having napped from our shopping expedition, and made our way to the THENCE showroom to check out their SS/17 collection. We spent the rest of the day exploring cool shops, eating yummy food, and almost getting rioted by the impeached President Park’s supporters while sipping coffee in the usually calm and super cool café, LUFT.



Here is where to find stuff from inside the video.




ins: @thencestudio




ins: @twl_shop


Picked up this incense by local brand IOMU (@iomu_) that smells amazingggg. I’ve been using it every day since. It isn’t too strong but make my room smell cozy and relaxing. The packaging is perfectly on point as well.


我从当地牌子IOMU(@iomu_) 那买了些特别香的熏香。从我回上海了到现在,我天天都会点亮一根。味道没有很重,刚刚好,会让我感觉很舒服和放松。东西的包装也十分美的。



Already can’t wait until my next visit!!


Visiting Mohme’s Studio and FW16 Collection

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Mohme is a fashion brand based in Shanghai and started by two lovely French ladies, Helene and Maude. Mixing feminine and masculine, French cuts influenced by Chinese lifestyle, the designer duo create original quality pieces that are great for mixing and matching.




The two of them were kind enough to invite me over to their cozy in-home studio to check out their very first official Fall/Winter collection. From a selection of leather skirts, soft knits, luxe outerwear and more, I picked out a couple of my favorite pieces from the collection and put them together in this lookbook video:







I’d like to take a moment here to thank the two of them for a very fun afternoon playing dress up, and for rearranging furniture/climbing on things to film this. We should have filmed the filming of…




Here are some more looks from their FW16 Lookbook.

这有更多秋冬16 Lookbook里面的搭配。







Committed to also building a community around their brand, Helene and Maude often participate in pop-up events and have even held Sunday brunch events over the last two weeks. Make sure to follow Mohme on Wechat to stay up to date on their events and collections!





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公众号 Wechat Account:


微店 Wechat Store:



Osaka – Kyoto Fall Lookbook

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Four years ago, I went to Osaka and Kyoto with some friends for a short holiday and the whole trip felt like a dream. I’ve been wanting to go back with my mom ever since, and last week I finally had the chance to do so. All I can say is that it was just as magical as the first time that I went.



Since I’ve decided to start making more videos for the blog, I decided to take advantage of the beautiful and iconic places I visited while on my trip, and share a travel lookbook with everyone.







大阪 – 京都旅游LOOKBOOK


Look 1 @ Osaka Castle

搭配 1 @ 大阪城



What I wore:

  • Puffy Skirt – Urban Revivo
  • Loose Tank – MSGM
  • Shoes – Adidas Stan Smith


Why I like it?

I’m not a huge girly girl, especially not on a casual day, but I have a new found love for pairing girly skirts with loose Tees or Knits and a pair of running shoes. While adding a feminine statement to my outfit, I keep it toned down, cool, and comfortable.



  • 蓬蓬裙– Urban Revivo
  • 宽松背心– MSGM
  • 鞋子– Adidas Stan Smith





Look 2 @ Gion, Kyoto

搭配 2 @ 竟都市祗园





What I wore:

  • Black Jeans – COS
  • Cozy Sweatshirt – Stussy


Why I like it?

I got this sweatshirt at the Stussy store in Kyoto. I don’t have any cotton crewnecks other than in black or grey, so this blush color stood out for me. It’s one of the only things I bought in Japan and so I have great memories when I wear it.



  • 黑牛仔裤– COS
  • 舒服的卫衣– Stussy





Look 3 @ % Arabica, Kyoto

搭配3@ % Arabica, Kyoto




What I wore:

  • Long Satin Bomber – Urban Revivo
  • White Tee – H&M (Mens)
  • Wool Culottes – Sense of Place


Why I like it?

I always feel really good in this kind of monochrome outfit. It’s my safe place. Even though there aren’t any colors, the different shades and textures of each item give the outfit dimension. I’m also obsessed with these wool culottes. They’re a perfect fall to winter piece, will look awesome with chunky knits and long coats, AND they have an elastic waist (hello food!).



  • 长丝绸飞行员外套– Urban Revivo
  • 白T恤– H&M (男款)
  • 羊毛阔腿裤– Sense of Place





Look 4 @ The Golden Pavilion + Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto

搭配 4 @京都市金阁寺 + 嵐山嵯竹林




What I wore:

  • Vintage Military Jacket – Customized vintage shop that disappeard…
  • Chunky White Knit – H&M
  • Silk Pajama Style Pants – Urban Revivo


Why I like it?

This outfit has a mix of different style pieces that all kind of fit together nicely somehow. It’s a mix of vintage and modern, soft and tough.



  • Vintage 军事风外套– 现在消失了的小定制vintage店铺
  • 白色针织毛衣– H&M
  • 睡衣风格的裤装– Urban Revivo





Look 5 @ Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto

搭配 5 @京都市伏见稻荷大社




What I wore:

  • Super Oversized Shirt – Taobao (here)

Why I like it:

When I first got this shirt in the mail, I thought I had failed so hard and bought a thinner even bigger version of my high school science lab coat. After trying different ways to style it, I actually found different ways to wear it in a way I really like. This is one of the ways, with the sleeves rolled and the shirt kept open, kind of like a light coat.




  • 超大衬衫 – Taobao (这里)





DIY: Gucci Inspired Patch Denim Jacket

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With the release of Gucci’s FW16 collection, and the launch of the Gucci DIY service at its Milan location, all heads were turned and hearts won over by the romantic look of embroidery and patchwork. Many brands and designers have followed suite, adorning denim and outerwear with different patches and designs.


当Gucci 推出了秋冬16系列之后,又在米兰开了一家全新的个性化DIY定制服务,这使大家都感兴趣,爱上了他们浪漫风格的补丁和刺绣设计。从此,许多品牌和设计师也用了补丁和刺绣细节的设计在本季的牛仔和外衣上。




Of course, Gucci and many of the other designers offering this style of item this season come at a hefty price. On the other hand, patches and jean jackets are not hard to get your hands on and make for this easy DIY!



What you’ll need:

  • A denim jacket (I used an old one that I bought from a thrift shop)
  • Patches
    I bought mine from Taobao HERE, but websites like ebay or etsy are bound to have a big selection too.
    If you choose adhesive patches, you won’t need to sew them on, however they will be more permanent.
    I chose non-adhesive so that I can take them off once the trend dies out.
  • Pins, needles, and thread
  • Paint and paint brush (optional)


  • 牛仔外套 (我用了之前在二手店买的vintage外套)
  • 补丁贴
  • 我在这个淘宝店买了:HERE
  • 别针,缝衣针,线
  • 颜料和画笔 (可选)



And nowwww, instead of just showing you pictures of each step like I normally do, I’m super excited to share my very first DIY video with you guys!! Please let me know if you guys like it, I’ll make sure to make more.

Nowww… 不像我一般就拍照片给你们看怎么做,这次我很期待和大家分享我第一次拍DIY的视频!!如果喜欢的话,请告诉我,我会尽量多拍拍。


(QQ Video for those in China || 腾讯视频)

Step 1: Choose your patches


Step 2: Customize your patches (optional)





Step 3: Design the placement of the patches






Step 4: Pin them down


Step 5: Sew!   *Tip: Keep a loose stitch if you plan on eventually taking the patches off

第五步:缝制! *如果你想到时候把补丁拿下来,就缝的松一点,这样会比较好拆下。









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